Government of West Bengal
The Calcutta Homoeopathic Medical College & Hospital
State Model Homoeopathic Institution
Estd : 1881

265-266, Acharya Prafulla Chandra Road, Kolkata-700009


Academic Calender

Syllabus of MD(Hom)

Fees Structure of MD(Hom) Course - New Regulations - w.e.f. 1st July 2020

Sl. No.ItemFee (Rs.)
1.Tution Fees (36 months duration) @ Rs. 1000/month36,000
2.Admission Fees (Paid to college - one time at the time of admission)2,000
3.Examination Fees (to be paid to WBUHS) Part I & Part II @ Rs. 500010,000
4.Examination Fees (College) @ Rs. 20 X 240
Total:Rs. 48,040

Stipend of PGTs

Sl. No.PGT YearStipend( In INR)
1.1st Year45,071
2.2nd Year48,538
3.3rd Year52,004


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PG Activities 2022 ⮟

Seminar & Workshops


Sl. No.TopicDateOrganised BySpeaker(s)
1Geriatric Disorders04.03.2022Dept of Practice of MedicineDr Sumanta Kamila
2Pancreatic Diseases11.03.2022Dept of Practice of MedicineDr Sanjay Sarkar
3SLE01.04.2022Dept of Practice of MedicineDr Shaista Parvin
4Sleep Disorders08.04.2022Dept of Practice of MedicineDr Fatma Zeba
5Stroke22.04.2022Dept of Practice of MedicineDr Pratima Pramanik
6Seizure disorders29.04.2022Dept of Practice of MedicineDr Tasneem Ahmed
7Bipolar Disorder13.05.2022Dept of Practice of MedicineDr Kalyan Kabiraj


Sl. No.TopicDateName of PGTGuide
1Mental Diseases in the Light of Hahnemannian Concept and its Management 02.12.2022Dr. Asif Ahmed Sheikh, 1st year PGTProf.(Dr.) Debashis Biswas
2Role of Susceptibility in Selection of Dose and Potency During Prescription09.12.2022Dr. Avishek Chakrabarty, 1st year PGTProf.(Dr.) Kaushik Deb Das
3Different methods of evaluation of symptoms23.12.2022Dr. Karabi MajhiProf. (Dr.) Sujoy kumar Chakraborty

Case Presentation (by PGTs)

Sl. No.Name of PGTCaseDate
1M KaliappanGynaecomastia23.09.2022
2Neelavna DeyParaovarian cyst treated with individualised Homoeopathy23.09.2022
3Dr Karabi MajhiMesenteric Lymphadenitis & Verruca Vulgaris20.09.2022
4Dr Sayantan BhowmikAllergic Contact Dermatitis & Urolithiasis12.08.2022
5Dr Ritika BosePCOS & Molluscum Contagiosum05.08.2022
6Dr Rayba KhatoonPsoriasis29.07.2022
7Dr Neelavna DeyCervical & Lumbar Disc Herniation22.07.2022
8Dr M KaliappanHaemorrhoids15.07.2022
9Dr Karabi MajhiAdenomyosis & Eczema08.07.2022
10Dr Avishek ChakrabartyHyperuricemia Associated Gouty Arthritis09.09.2022

PG Dissertation Seminar

Sl. No.Name of PGTTopicGuideDate
1.Dr Tamara AfrozaAn open label observational Clinical Study to find out the Efficacy of Individualised Homoeopathy Medicines in treatment of Mixed Anxiety & Depression DisorderProf(Dr) H Hait25.08.2022
2.Dr Sadia KamalIndividualized Homoeopathic Medicines in treatment of Rheumatoid arthritis: double-blind, Randomized Placebo-controlled, Pilot trialProf(Dr) Rajat Chattopadhyay02.09.2022

Weekly Journal Club - PG

Sl. No.Name of PGTTopicGuideDate
1Dr Tasneem AhmedFibromyalgia Syndrome & it's related articlesProf(Dr) H Hait28.06.2022
2Dr Kalyan KabirajHyperuricamia & it's research & articlesProf(Dr) Rajat Chattopadhyay05.07.2022
3Dr Sanjay SarkarTennis Elbow & it's related Research & ArticlesProf(Dr) Rajat Chattopadhyay26.07.2022
4Dr Pratima PramanikCalcaneal Spur & it's related Research & ArticlesDr Veena P Bharti02.08.2022
5Dr Fatma ZebaPost C.S Backache & it's related Research & ArticlesProf(Dr) Rajat Chattopadhyay16.08.2022
6Dr Shaista ParveenAtopic Dermatitis & it's related Research and articlesDr Rupali Bhaduri23.08.2022

PG Activities 2023 ⮟

Seminar & Workshops


Sl. No.TopicDatePresented byGuided by
1Curse of Modern days Suppression and Role of Homoeopathy13.01.2023Dr. Neelavna DeyProf. (Dr.) Aloke Kr. Ghosh
2Coagulation disorders and it’s Homoeopathic approach31.03.2023Dr. Kalyan KabirajProf. (Dr.) Kaushik Deb Das
3Demyelinating diseases and it’s Homoeopathic approach28.04.2023Dr. Shaista ParveenProf. (Dr.) Himangsu Hait
4Movement disorder & it's Homoeopathic Approach02.05.2023Dr Tasneem AhmedDr Aloke kr Ghosh
5Abnormal cholesterol metabolism related disorders and it’s Homoeopathic approach19.05.2023Dr. Pratima PramanikProf. (Dr.) Kisor Kumar Naskar
7CHRONIC LIVER DISEASE23.06.2023Dr. Neelavna Dey(Prof.) Dr. Himangsu Hait
8Insulin Resistance11.07.2023Dr. RITIKA BOSEProf. (Dr.) Rajat Chattopadhyay
9Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease(COPD)04.08.2023Dr. Avishek ChakrabartyDr. Rupali Bhaduri
10JOINT DISORDERS11.08.2023Dr. Asif Ahmed SheikhDr. Himangsu Hait
11Peripheral Vascular Diseases11.08.2023Dr. KarabiDr. Veena Prakash Bharti
12MOTOR NEURON DISEASE08.09.2023Sayantan BhowmickProf.(Dr.) Rajat Chattopadhyay
13CHRONIC KIDNEY DISEASE15.09.2023Dr. KaliappanProf.(Dr.) Rajat Chattopadhyay

Case Presentation (by PGTs)

Sl. No.Name of PGTCaseDate
1Dr. Shreyasi Sengupta (Guided by Dr.Jayabrata Pal)Basal Ganglia Stroke13.10.2023
2Dr. Madhushree Mondal (Guided by Dr. Sujay Kumar Chakraborty)COPD13.10.2023
3Dr. Deepak Kumar (Guided by Dr. Navin Kumar Singh)PSORIASIS03.10.2023
4Dr. Easira Banu (Guided by Dr. Navin Kumar Singh)Female Infertility29.09.2023
5Dr. Krishanu Panja (Guided by Dr. Navin Kumar Singh) Verruca Vulgaris29.09.2023
6Dr. Sushmita Lakra (Guided by Dr. Naveen Kumar Singh)Diabetes mellitus and it's homoeopathic management26.09.2023
7Meghamala Chakraborty (Guided by Dr. Kishore Kumar Naskar)Ruptured Tendo-Achilles and it's homoeopathic management22.09.2023
8Dr. Shilpa Mandal (Guided by Dr. Kishor Kumar Naskar) Management of vocal cord nodule by individualised Homoeopathic treatment22.09.2023

Weekly Journal Club - PG

Sl. No.Name of PGTTopicGuideDate
1Dr. Sumanta KamilaLumbar spondylosis: it's related research and articlesProf. (Dr.) Himangsu Hait27.06.2023
2Dr. Kalyan KabirajHyperuricemia: it's related research and articlesProf. (Dr.) Rajat Chattopadhyay04.07.2022
3Dr. Tasneem AhmedFibromyalgia: it's related research and articlesProf. (Dr.) Himangsu Hait11.07.2023
4Dr. Pratima PramanikCalcaneal spur: it's published researches & review articlesDr. Veena Prakash Bharti25.07.2023

PG Activities 2024 ⮟

Case Presentation (by PGTs)

Sl. No.Name of PGTCaseDate
1Easira BanuFood Hypersensitivity05.01.2024
2Dr. Sushmita LakraCarbuncle and it's Homoeopathic management05.01.2024
3Dr. Krishanu PanjaCarcinoma of Tongue and its homoeopathic Treatment09.01.2024
4Dr. Deepak KumarBasal Cell carcinoma and it's Homoeopathic management10.01.2024
5Dr.Shreyasi SenguptaManagement of Lymphadenitis by Individualized Homoeopathic Treatment16.01.2024
6Dr. Madhushree MondalCystic Nephroma and it's individualized homoeopathic management16.01.2024

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